Study sheds light on homophobia in sport

Publish Date: 28/11/2011

This new research was conducted by Lindsay England founder of “Just a Ball Game?”  in partnership with the TUC’s LGBT Committee.

This survey is the second phase of three pieces of research conducted by "JBG?". The first being a report titled ‘’We’re not homophobic.’’

During the summer of 2011, Just a Ball Game? conducted a short survey to look into homophobia in sport and the effect that it has. Below are the key findings from the survey.

* 34% of participants feel the need to participate in sport or leisure activities in a ‘safe space’ by being part of LGB&T/LGB&T friendly clubs or groups solely

* Over two thirds stated they experienced homophobia in sport

* Only 26% of respondents to the survey reported any of the homophobia they witnessed to an appropriate body

* Only 8 out of 92 who responded to the question "Do you feel satisfied with the responses you got when you reported the homophobia?" felt that the response they got after reporting the homophobia was satisfactory

* Over 60% of those who answered the survey say they attend sport events on a regular basis

Just a Ball Game? said that "For LGBT’s to be fully accepted, respected and integrated as athletes we need to eradicate the environment which still pretends there is no homosexuality in sport."

Homophobia manifests "its self in many forms and there is a need for education throughout both professional and grass roots sports to fully understand this."

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