Staying Safe over the Party Season

Publish Date: 18/12/2012


It’s that time of year again; only a few weeks ago we were cursing the washout summer and now the Festive Season is upon us already. You might be reading this before getting ready for a family gathering, or nursing the aftermath of the night before.

Either way, whether you’re clubbing, pubbing or staying at home, there are a few simple ways to ensure you have a merry, safe Christmas and New Year...

1.       Make sure you’re out with people you trust; nobody wants to be left on their own or end up being abandoned in a part of town you don’t know. If you do find yourself out with people you don’t know too well, be careful how much you drink to make sure you can find your bearings and get yourself home safe.

2.       Have a few 'dry' days - Try to have at least a few days over the Festive Season where you don’t have an alcoholic drink. It’s easy to end up drinking every day without realising, but it’s important to give your body a break.

3.       Know your limits - You might not feel hung-over, but the day after the night before, you may still be over the legal driving limit. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can speed up the amount of time it takes for alcohol to leave your system with food, sleep or lots of fluids, you may still be over the limit. Check out for more information.

4.       Happy New Year? It can be a time of year where it seems everyone else is having the time of their lives and you’re the only one missing out. We can assure you, you’re not alone. Christmas and New Year can be a very difficult time for lots of different reasons, and if there’s anything we can do to help it feel a bit more manageable, even if it’s just to hear a friendly voice – give us a call on 0845 3 30 30 30 (10am – 10pm 365 days a year)

5.        Don't Take Risks - Whether it’s at Christmas or not, if you’re a guy and you’re having sex, the biggest gift you can give yourself (and the people you’re doing it with!) is to be safe. The LGF have free Safer Sex Packs in hundreds of venues across Greater Manchester and if you want to read more about how to have the sex you want, without the risks, visit our sex tips page

6.       Get Home Safe - You’ve had a great night, but you need your bed and you’ll do anything to get to it. Getting home safely is something you can think about before the night has even started. If you’re away from home, you might want to save a taxi number in your phone or find out where the nearest taxi rank is. Don’t get into an un-booked taxi or unmarked car, even if you’re approached by a driver. Also make sure you stick to well-lit streets and don’t use your phone / mp3 player which may draw negative attention to you.

7.      Village Angels -  If you’re out and about in the Village over the Festive Season, you may see one of our Village Angels in their dashing pink jackets, helping to keep people safe. They’re a friendly face you can trust; whether you’re struggling to get home, have lost your friends or want to know more about The LGF – just pop over and they’ll be more than happy to help.

Finally, from all of us at The LGF – have a happy, healthy and safe Christmas and New Year and remember, we’re here if you need us.  If you need support and advice this festive season our helpline is open 10am - 10pm, 365 days a year; 0845 3 30 30 30;