Staying Safe in the Village

Publish Date: 13/06/2012

Make sure you stay safe in the village by following our top tips.


·         Know your limits

·         Trust your instincts

·         Pace yourself

·         Don’t leave your drinks unattended

·         Don’t leave a drunk friend alone

Safety in Numbers

·         Stick with your mates

·         Don’t wander off with strangers

·         Plan your journey home before you go out

·         Take a fully charged mobile with you (with credit) and make sure your mates numbers are stored


·         Don’t get into a car with a stranger

·         Don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to

·         Keep clear of volatile situations

·         If someone offers to buy you a drink go to the bar with them and watch it being poured

Keep hold of your valuables

·         Be aware of who is around you

·         Only carry the cash you’ll need for the night

·         Keep your mobile and your wallet out of sight

·         Don’t leave your bag unattended

Don’t Forget!

·         Keep a note of your phone number, SIM card and serial numbers in a safe place. Dial *06# to find this information

·         Register the serial numbers of your phone, iPod or MP3 player at so that police can return your items to you if recovered

·         In an emergency call 999 from a safe place as soon as possible. If the problem is less urgent call 101

Village Angels

Our Village Angels are out and about in Canal Street every Friday and Saturday night providing outreach support to vulnerable LGB people to stop them being a victim of crime. We provide a 'friendly face' whilst giving advice, guidance and resources advising people how they can get home safely and supporting people reporting crime if they have already been a victim.

This scheme is really important but in order for it to continue we need more volunteers. If you are free either a Friday or Saturday night once a month to don a fetching pink hi-vis vest, get in touch! Contact Martin Cooper on 0845 3 30 30 30 or email