Solidarity with LGBT Russia

Publish Date: 30/07/2013

Солидарность с Россией ЛГБТ.

Over recent weeks there has been a huge international outcry against Russia as President Vladimir Putin signed into law measures that stigmatise LGB&T people. The LGF has this week been in contact with our sister organization Coming Out St.Petersburg to stand with our Russian brothers and sisters against basic human rights being denied to LGBT people

2012 marked the 50th anniversary of the Manchester/ St Petersburg sister city arrangement and Manchester City Council urged Manchester Pride-goers to send a message of solidarity to gay people in our sister city of St Petersburg which they did in their thousands.

Last year The LGF was privileged to host Polina Savchenko – the director of Coming-Out. She told us: “It’s very important for European governments to not let this issue go. People in the UK can keep bringing up these issues, it’s important. Send those messages of support, because if we didn’t feel as if the whole world was watching and standing in solidarity with us, we would really feel like we were up against a solid wall.” Read our interview with Polina here 

 This week, The Lesbian & Gay Foundation has been in direct contact with our sister organisation Coming-Out in St. Petersburg and their message is clear: don’t sever the ties. Completely withdrawing any connections could have a very negative effect, and leave LGB&T people further isolated and at risk.

Right now our colleagues in the Russian LGBT Network are formulating a call for support to the international community and Sasha Semonova from Coming Out St Petersburg sent us this message:

 “We are very grateful for any kind of support to LGBT citizens in Russia as it is important for us that people do not feel further isolated by the current difficulties we are experiencing . We believe it is important to keep all channels open so that  all communications can be enabled to challenge Human Rights at every opportunity, whether they are cultural or sporting events, business opportunities or political campaigns. Any boycott or closing  of relationships between countries will only further alienate LGB&T people in Russia and make it more difficult for us to challenge inequalities and challenge Human Rights.”  

We will keep you updated on this story as things develop and also what you can do to support LGBT people in St.Petersburg and across Russia.

Watch Polina and some of St.Petersburg’s LGB&T community in this empowering video

Send your messages of support at the Coming-Out website.

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Sign All Out’s campaign for the International Olympic Committee to condemn Russia's anti-gay laws before the 2014 Winter Olympics are held in Russia.

  • Ryan Winders

    Let us stand up for our European brothers and sisters, to give them the basic human rights they deserve !

  • Dave

    Boycott the sponsors of the 2014 Olympic Games too: Coca Cola Atos Dow GE MacDonalds Omega Panasonic Procter and Gamble Samsung Visa

  • Lee

    I support the LGBT in Russia. Stop anti-gay laws.