Serenity Security Launches Drink Spiking Awareness Campaign

Publish Date: 06/08/2013

Drink Spiking Campaign for August

All Serenity’s Door Supervisors have been given the products ‘SPIKEY’ and ‘Drink Detective’ to hand out to customers for free in Manchester City Centre venues, which will be displaying posters, to raise awareness of drink spiking this August.

Spikey helps prevent drinks from being spiked in pubs, bars and at parties. It is a brightly coloured plastic “use once only” stopper that glows in UV light so everyone can see that the drink has been protected.

A spokesperson from Serenity Security Solutions Ltd comments “We believe that everyone has their own responsibility to keep themselves safe when out drinking in Manchester City Centre. By raising awareness on safety matters such as drink spiking we hope that individuals will be better informed and practice safer drinking when they are out.”

What is Drink Spiking?

Drink Spiking is when a substance (normally alcohol or drugs) has been added to a drink without the buyer’s knowledge; this includes alcoholic drinks and soft drinks, even water. The practice of Drink Spiking is illegal, highly dangerous, and potentially deadly to the person who has been spiked.

How to avoid getting spiked

Whilst the following guide-lines will never guarantee your safety they offer a number of safety tips that will minimise danger and help you to remain safe.

·         Make sure that someone knows where you are and what time you are expected home

·         Plan your night out including the journey there and back

·        Remember alcohol affects your actions and reactions as well as your ability to be alert

·         Stay aware of what is going on around you and keep away from situations that you do not feel comfortable with

·         Do not share or exchange drinks with others

·         Never accept a drink from anyone you do not completely trust 

·         Never drink left over drinks, or drinks discarded by someone else. 

·         Don't leave your drink unattended, e.g. when going onto the dance floor, toilet or to smoke

·         If you begin to feel drunk after only a drink or two seek help from a trusted friend or a responsible member of the club staff, door staff and management. 

You can also read The Village Angels tips to staying safe on a night out here

What to do if you think you have been spiked

Immediately get to a place of safety. If you are with close friends tell them of your worries, get them to take you home as quickly as possible.

Once safely home ask them to stay with you until the effects of the drug have worn off. 

However be very sure that you implicitly trust the person or friend you are asking. Many victims of DFSA (Drug Facilitated Sexual Abuse) have been attacked by people they know, by work mates, colleagues, friends or acquaintances, and in some cases, the person they went on a date with that night. 

If you are alone or with a stranger go to the landlord or pub/bar manager and tell them of your fears.

If you are out in The Village you can also speak to The LGF’s Village Angels who can help and support you.

If you fear you’ve had sex whilst under the influence of drugs taken unwillingly through a drink being spiked, and if you wish the police to be involved - report it! 

More Information

For more information you can visit

For support and advice you can call The Lesbian & Gay Foundation on 0845 3 30 30 30 or email You can also pop in Monday – Friday 10am to 8pm to our offices on Richmond Street.

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