Say Enough is Enough! to Homophobia

Publish Date: 26/07/2012

The LGF are saying Enough is Enough! to homophobia in this year’s Manchester Pride Parade.  We need volunteers to join us and bring your family and friends, so that we’re heard by as many people as possible.  

Over 60 volunteers marched with us last year, and people commented ‘the best day of my life’, ‘the buzz you get when you see all the people cheering as you come down Princess Street is amazing’, ‘I loved showing the whole of Manchester how proud I am to be gay’.

We’ll be meeting at 11.30am on Saturday 25th August, and you’ll get an Enough is Enough! t-shirt to wear as well as a breakfast sandwich on arrival.  We’ll have placards and banners for people to hold, and you are very welcome to bring along your rainbow flags and colourful accessories. 

To show Manchester how proud you are of our lesbian, gay and bisexual community, email to sign up now!  

  • Aderonke

    I am proud to be gay. Enough is enough, people should stop persecuting us and appreciate us better than they ever did. We are human!!!!!!