Running in Support of the LGF

Publish Date: 08/05/2012

John Finn will join over 30,000 people taking to the streets of Manchester on Sunday 20 May for the BUPA Manchester 10k.

Here he tells us why he has volunteered for the LGF for 12 years and is running in support of the charity.


"I started volunteering for the LGF soon after it was formed in April 2000. Originally I was a volunteer for independent group Icebreakers - a self help, mutual support group in Manchester that helps gay and bisexual men aged 18 to 80 plus. I became more involved in the LGF and have volunteered in a variety of roles.

"I’ve stood on street corners in the freezing cold shaking buckets and trying to pin red ribbons on people and walked round a gay sauna talking to half naked men as to why a sexual health check up is a good idea!

"I was asked to join the board around 6 years ago and I have since become the Company Secretary for the charity, which basically means that I sign everything.

"I got involved with the LGF as it is so rewarding volunteering for such an important organisation. They provide such a range of services; HIV testing, counselling, helpline support just to name a few!

"I’m running the BUPA Manchester 10k as it was a great goal to help me stay fit. My position on the board has made me realise how the charity really needs the support of the public and how big a difference the money can make - especially in these times of financial hardship.

"I have done the 10k twice before and it was a challenge- my tip is to get lots of training in beforehand! The run itself is great fun and there is a fantastic atmosphere. It’s a great feeling crossing the finish line with everyone cheering you on. I would recommend it anyone who wants to set themselves a bit of a challenge.

"Raising money for the LGF will support those people in our community who need the most help."

If you would like to find out about all the different ways you can support the LGF including securing a place in some of the biggest runs of 2012/3 contact Claire on 0845 3 30 30 30 or email