Reaching Trafford!

Publish Date: 27/11/2012


The Lesbian & Gay Foundation  have employ a Trafford based Community Development Worker (part time, 4 days/week) thanks to Trafford Equalities, which will enable us to work predominantly with mainstream service providers in the area in order to ensure the needs of LGB Trafford residents are better met.

At the end of October Kathy McGuirk started to undertake a range of activities in order to support Trafford’s LGB&T community.

The key elements of Kathy’s role are;

·        To support organisations to set up their own LGB&T staff networks or service user groups.

·        Facilitate organisations in implementing Sexual Orientation Monitoring, and support  them to utilise data derived from this to positively influence policy and practice.

·         Attend relevant events, meetings and forums, ensuring the needs of LGB&T people are addressed and considered within these forums.

·         Ensure that The Lesbian & Gay Foundation support resources (such as guides on health and wellbeing issues affecting the LGB&T community) are distributed and available in a wide range of venues and organisations across Trafford.

·        Develop the ‘Flying the Flag’ initiative in Trafford to ensure that more organisations in the area unite in fighting against homophobia in recognition of International Day Against Homophobia.

·        Host a hate crime awareness event in Trafford about how to report an LGB&T hate crime, bring police and community together.

So if you need any support of any kind regarding LGB&T issues, this could be regarding anything from sexual health, support coming out, setting up a service then contact Kathy. If she isn’t the expert then, she’ll ensure you find the relevant person.  She is new to the area so all she asks in return is that you help her if  you see her lost!

Contact Kathy on: 07739756178 or