Purple power!

Publish Date: 20/10/2011

20th October is ‘Spirit Day’ - spirit is represented in the rainbow flag by the colour Purple.

Across the world people are being encouraged to turn their Facebook pages, twitter icons and blogs and websites purple to remember LGBT teenagers who have killed themselves after being bullied.

Spirit Day was created last year by Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan to encourage people to wear purple to show solidarity and support to young LGB&T people, as well as promote a wider awareness of the issues of homophobia and bullying that many young people face today.

The number of young people who are harming themselves or even committing suicide because of being bullied over their sexual orientation (real or perceived) is becoming ever more alarming.

Here in the UK we are reminded today ofDominic Crouch, 15, who took his own life last year after rumours at school that he was gay. It is for Dominic and his friends and family and for all the young people who are struggling with bullies that we need to be making sure that we are focused on highlighting homophobia every single day of the year. http://lgbt.foundation/a-fathers-story

Homophobic bullying is still endemic in UK schools, with research highlighting that two thirds of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people report being bullied in school. One of our ongoing priorities is to make sure that we can do more work in spreading awareness of homophobia and help schools to tackle this problem. http://lgbt.foundation/schoolspack

On October 20th The Lesbian & Gay Foundation will be slipping into something purple and changing the hue of our website and facebook and twitter pages for the day.   

Individuals, schools, organisations, corporations, media professionals and celebrities are all wearing purple.

Getting involved is easy –anyone who wants to take part can "go purple" on October 20 to help create a world in which LGB&T teens are celebrated and accepted for who they are.

Users of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other networks can use an app to turn their profile pictures purple, while Facebook will also be turning two of its pages — Facebook Diversity and Facebook Safety — purple for the day.

Facebook users can join an event page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=252898088079835%C2%A0

For more info on Spirit Day go to:


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