Outspoken: Evelyn Asante-Mensah OBE

Publish Date: 01/10/2013

Evelyn Asante-Mensah OBE has worked in with a wide spectrum of organisations and partnerships for over 20 years, tackling inequalities and promoting equality,

She is currently interim chief executive of BHA for Equality an organisation that she grew from a community group to a well respected regional organisation with a national profile and was its chief executive.   Previous to that was Head of Equalities and Economic Inclusion for the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA). 

She was Strategic Adviser for Community Cohesion and Diversity for the Government Office for the North West and has held several non-executive roles, including Commissioner for the Equal Opportunities Commission, Chair of Race for Health, and Chair of NHS Manchester. Evelyn is now a Commissioner for the Equality and Human Rights Commission and a Community Governor at St. Mary’s Primary School, and will take up a new role as Chair of Arawak Walton Housing association. 

She has 4 children and 2 grandchildren, had her civil partnership 3 years ago after 15 years and received an OBE for work in Health.

She answers our quick fire questions, featured in Issue 118 of outnorthwest:

Sum yourself up in 3 words

Honest, Fair and Warm

If we gave you 1 million pounds what would you do with it?

That's easy, sort out my family (my kids, grand kids and parents especially), pay off my mortgage then I'd be able to more of the voluntary work that I absolutely love and travel.

Tell us your favourite joke...

Do you know I don't know any. How boring am I.

If you were a chocolate  bar what would you be?

Green and Black's Milk Chocolate with a hint of ginger

What's your one weakness?

Basques and corsets.

If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

Goes without saying poverty. Second to that would be bigotry and hatred of any kind.

What food could you never live without?

Meat. I'm a total carnivore, I eat far too much of it.

Where is your favourite places in the world?

Having spent most of my summer in Herefordshire, it has to go down as one of my most favourite places ever and the view from Hay Bluff is absolutely spectacular.  My other favourite place is Ghana in West Africa where I was born and my family come from.  It is home.

If you could be an animal, which one? - and why?

A lioness, because they are strong and powerful, a matriarch that is protective and looks after her young.

Tell us a secret...

I'm a closet country and western fan.....especially dolly parton

The best thing about being a woman...

Everything.  I love everything about being a woman.......everything!

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