New! Careers Clinic

Publish Date: 04/10/2013

What is the Careers Clinic?

The careers clinic  is a confidential and impartial service focussed on helping you to find accurate information on learning and work, with professional advice to help you make the right choices.

We can help you:

·         Understand the job market

·         Find out about different careers and what qualifications and skills you require

·         Look at your current skill set and how to improve them

·         Find a learning or a training course

·         Find out about funding to support your learning

·         Provide you with an action plan to take away to help you achieve your career goals

Who is it for?

The clinic is focussed on mainly adults, aged 19 and over.  Usually you will be eligible for one session in a 12 month period, however, if you fit into any of these priority groups you can have up to three sessions in a 12 month period;  No level 2 or 3 qualifications; Newly redundant or facing redundancy; Have a learning disability/difficulty; On JSA or ESA (including 18yr olds in receipt of this benefit) and if you are 18-24 and not in employment, education or training.

When and where does it take place?

The Career's Clinic will take place every Wednesday throughout October, and you will be able to have a one to one appointment for up to 45 minutes (exemptions apply see above).

The sessions will take place at The LGF's Community Resource Centre; you will need to book an appointment.

Appointments are as follows, 9.15am, 10am, 10.45am, 11.30am, 1.00pm, 1.45pm, 2.30pm and 3.15pm.  Please state your preferred time and a second choice.  Appointments will be allocated on a first come first service basis

To book an appointment please speak to Samantha Days on 0845 3 303030 or email

Liz's Story

"When I accessed the careers clinic at the LGF I didn’t really know what I was expecting, but I was warmly welcomed by the careers advisor, who explained a little about what type of things we would talk about, and also mentioned that it was a confidential environment, which reassured me.

After taking some personal details down, she asked me about my situation at the moment and what kind of support I was looking for, I explained my situation and also what my short and long terms plans were, and we both came up with a couple of ‘first steps’ that I can go away and achieve in a set time period.  I had vague ideas on the kind of jobs I could realistically apply for and where to look, but I found the conversation really helped my focus on a few things, and I felt more confident in my skills and past experience.

The advisor was really friendly, without telling me what is best for me, and I really appreciated the session."