Meet Nick & Sarah

Publish Date: 10/12/2012


"My name is Nick Lewis I am female and my name is Nick!

"I am 34 years old. Up until earlier this year I have spent most of my life living and working in Nottingham and my main area of expertise is within support work and housing with my local community until earlier this year when I became ill resulting in hospitalisation and end result disability meaning I had to leave that line of work so I have recently set up my own business which means I can be flexible around my illness. My main aim is to create cards that are more suited to the LGBT community as currently there are not many places you can go pick up a card aimed at your gay relative or friend which I find very disappointing, hence why I've set out on this new venture!

"My partner is Sarah Lewis (yes we share the same surname purely by coincidence!) Sarah is 30 but her 31st birthday is only a week away! Sarah has spent most of her life also living and working in Nottingham. Also by coincidence she has mainly worked within support work but mainly within mental health.

"We met in April 2011 and very quickly became an item and have been together ever since! We had both come out of very bad and unhealthy relationships with our last partners, I was in a civil partnership previously & Sarah had been in a heterosexual marriage.

"We hit it off straight away and fell in love we are both very happy and have never had an argument in the 19 months we have been together and we just get on so well we clearly are soul mates.

"Although earlier this year my dissolution from my civil partnership came through and also Sarah's divorce came we have not wanted to rush ourselves into that next level of commitment for a few reasons firstly because we both feel like we had rubbish weddings the first time round and not as we had really wanted as well as the relationships themselves being bad an ending in an unpleasant manner we wanted ours to be really special and exactly how we want it so we would rather save and wait and do it when we have everything sorted rather than rush and on the cheap!

"And the second reason is we want to be married like proper equal to every other married couple as I have previously had a civil partnership I can say from experience that it does not seem to be taken as seriously to the rest of the world as it does to the individual having the partnership I think and feel like it is a second class service and partly why there is still a lot of homophobia around as its not excepted and not equal if it was ok and the norm then I'm sure there would be less homophobia over time and that people would feel stronger to make a stand when being discriminated against and also people would be more aware that it is a hate crime and its not ok to shout lesbian at someone in the street or bully a boy at school for seemly to come across as gay?

"Just like racism was more widely accepted years ago I feel homophobia is widely accepted still these days which is outrageous?

"We will marry when gay marriage is passed as law and we are equal to all. Until then our relationship will continue to grow after all we are in no rush we have the rest of our lives together ;)

"Hope we get gay marriage passed soon as I'd love nothing more than to be able to have a proper wedding and a fully legal marriage and to be equal and excepted in the community as a married couple it will make our dreams come true"

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