Listen to The LGF's LGBT History Month playlist!

Publish Date: 26/02/2014

The theme of this year's LGBT History Month is Music, and here at The LGF we wanted to share with you all some of our favourite music by LGB&T artists! 

We were initially going to give you a Top 25, but there were so many great suggestions that in the end we decided to make one huge playlist for you all to enjoy! As you'll be able to see and hear, our staff tastes are fairly diverse! 

We're looking for SIX MORE tracks to make this into a Top 100, so please add your favourites in the comments box below and at the end of the week we'll add the eight most popular to the final list!

You can listen to our playlist on YouTube and on Spotify! Enjoy!!!

Click here to listen on Spotify!  

  • Simon

    Born This Way - Dusty Springfield Twistin' The Night Away - Sam Cook I Was Born This Way - Valentino