LGF Plays Host to Manchester Community Organisers

Publish Date: 14/10/2013

Community Organisers, the government-funded scheme run by Locality (the UK’s leading network for community led development trusts) is  currently training 5,000 Community organisers as part of a 4 year programme in partnership with Action to Regenerate Community Trust (RE: generate) to provide training and learning placements around England for people wanting to gain experience and qualifications in Community Organising.

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation is the host organisation for 2 Community Organisers at The LGF’s Community Resource Centre, with the Community Organisers being employed by CoCo the Community Organisers Company.

What is Community Organising?

The Community Organisers programme is all about inspiring community action at a neighbourhood level. Community Organisers listen to the concerns of people in their area, build relationships and help people take action on their own behalf on the local issues that matter to them.

Community Organisers listen to residents in their homes, on the street and where they gather, and they listen to public service and third sector workers, small businesses and local institutions to help develop their collective power to act together for the common good, as identified locally.

The work of the Community Organisers enables people to take action on their own behalf and have the power and confidence to tackle the issues which are important to them. It also enables them to make the most of new community rights and opportunities to achieve their own aspirations.

What will the Manchester City Centre Community Organisers do?

The Community Organisers hosted by The LGF will work in Manchester City Centre to bring people together. There are populations within the city which historically report feeling powerless, disconnected from their local community and without a voice. They often feel unable to influence change because of their invisibility within decision making systems.

The Community Organisers can prove invaluable in terms of encouraging greater interaction between communities inhabiting these shared spaces to forge greater links and generate a greater sense of community spirit.

Tell me more…

The Community Organisers begin on 28th October 2013 as part of a 51 week programme.  Manchester City Centre’s Community Organisers are: Polly Steiner & Elle Wiggins .

For further information please contact: andrew.gilliver@lgf.org.uk or go to Community Organisers - www.cocollaborative.org.uk