LGF celebrate International Coming Out Day

Publish Date: 29/09/2011

On 11th October, people from all over the World celebrate International Coming Out Day, but in the UK the day often goes unmarked – but not this year!

On Tuesday October 11th - The Lesbian & Gay Foundation will be providing 24 hour support for those who are questioning, thinking of coming out, or those who are out and proud and need to talk. We will be offering:

•    24 hour confidential helpline support on 0845 3 30 30 30
•    24 hour online support at lgbt.foundation
•    For face-to-face support, pop in and see us between 8am and 10pm at LGF’s Community Resource Centre (no appointment needed)

For many, coming out can be life changing experience and being able to talk openly and honestly in confidence, about what is going on for you, can make the whole process seem much less daunting.

We will have a team of trained volunteers and staff on hand for 24 hours to support you with whatever issues you are facing, coming out related or not. And some special guests will also be popping in to help you, and us out.

We also understand that it can be a time when relatives and friends want to talk – so if you need to talk about someone you know or love, then please don’t hesitate to get involved.

On the run up to International Coming Out Day we'll be featuring different coming out stories on lgbt.foundation, and you can find out more about people's experiences of coming out in the new edition of outnorthwest, online here.

For more information about International Coming Out Day and "Come In, Come Out" contact us on 0845 3 30 30 30, email helpline@lgf.org.uk or visit lgbt.foundation

Pictures below by Ben Squance from TNBPIXS

  • Joune

    Allez tout le monde, on sort!!!

  • Sascha

    Be out! Be proud! Be you!!

  • Emma

    National Coming Out Day in the United Kingdom has always been celebrated on 12th October! See wikipedia! I always celebrate it as do many others. Remember everyone, coming out never stops, you never stop coming out. Be proud every day! :)