Publish Date: 05/01/2012

On January 27th 2012 the annual commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day takes place, which provides us with an opportunity to pay tribute to all those who suffered persecution at the hands of the Nazi’s and  for us to remember those people from the LGB&T community who were also victims of Nazi prejudice.

Holocaust Memorial Day gives us an opportunity to link the past with the present and highlight how hate and discrimination affects communities all over the world in the 21st century.

The theme for 2012 asks us to think about the rights, responsibility and duty we all have to speak up when we see or hear something which we believe to be wrong. It challenges us to learn about what happens when we don’t speak out and what can happen when we do use our voice.

Under the Nazi regime of hatred (1933 – 1945), the voices of so many were taken away. Whilst these atrocities have taken place, many have stood idly by and did not speak out against persecution and discrimination.

Today, we have an opportunity to "Speak Up, Speak Out" in many different ways. As well as telling others our opinion, we can start social media campaigns; record our views on film and audio and upload these to websites and blogs.

We can write to those in power, expressing our opinion and we can organise or join demonstrations and protests to support what we believe in.  For example, many people use the word ‘gay’ as a derogatory term of offence – we can all choose to challenge those who do this within our hearing. We can also urge those who have been attacked or abused on our streets because of their sexual orientation to report what has happened to them.

Manchester’s LGB&T Community for Holocaust Memorial Day 2012

Building on the work of The Albert Kennedy Trust supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans homeless young people and The Lesbian & Gay Foundation around ending homophobia and empowering people, both organisations are taking inspiration from the past to challenge the language of hatred this coming January, by encouraging Manchester’s LGB&T community to get involved in this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day activity ‘Speak Up Speak Out‘.

We would like to encourage people to share what issues they want to speak out about, sharing on the lessons learned from the Holocaust, to highlight what still needs to be done to challenge prejudice and discrimination in LGB&T peoples lives today.

LGB&T Manchester Speaks Up! Event

An event will be held on the evening of Thursday 26th January 2012 (Venue T.B.C) to remember and reflect on the lessons learned from the Holocaust and to discuss what still needs to be done to challenge hatred and persecution in the UK today particularly from an LGB&T perspective.

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To get involved or for more information e-mail: andrew.gilliver@lgf.org.uk or Darren@akt.org.uk

To find out more about Holocaust Memorial Day and  the 2012 theme go to:
www.hmd.org.uk or www.speakupnow.org.uk