LGB&T Evidence Exchange

Publish Date: 10/04/2012

With thousands of statistics about LGB&T needs and experiences, the database is free to access to anyone who registers at http://lgbt.foundation/register and contains information on a range of topics from healthcare to homophobia, schools to safer sex.

Did you know?

1 in 5 lesbian and gay people have experienced a homophobic hate crime or incident in the last three years.

25% of trans people have had to change their jobs because of harassment.

37% of lesbian, gay and bisexual women reported that they had been misinformed and told that they did not need a cervical screening due to their sexual orientation.

The evidence base brings together local, regional, national and international research on LGBT issues in one place for the first time, making information easily accessible to a range of audiences. It is continuously updated to include new research, and all records are fully referenced allowing users to trace the original reports.

The Evidence Exchange can help you with:

- information on LGB&T equality

- find comparable data to understand your local population and community

- using evidence for funding bids for your LGB&T group or organisation

- provide you with statistics for coursework and dissertations on LGB&T topics

Heather Williams, Policy & Research Officer at the LGF said, “this is an exciting and timely development for the LGB&T community. A lack of evidence has led to a limited knowledge about LGB&T needs, meaning their specific needs are often not addressed. A strong evidence base, easily accessible in one place, will help to tackle this and lead to better representation of LGB&T needs at a national and local level.”

The Evidence Exchange has been made possible with EHRC funding. Please credit the LGF’s Evidence Exchange when using information sourced on it.

 Access the Evidence Exchange at http://lgbt.foundation/evidence-exchange

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    This is a fantastic resource! Hurrah for the LGF ! ! !