Leaving a Legacy

Publish Date: 18/09/2012


This week a number of positive changes could be put into place, benefiting the most disadvantaged people within society.  A gesture of significant kindness, helping the vulnerable members of our community could be pledged.  A lasting legacy in the fight against homophobia could also be left.  So, what is happening this week to help make all of the above possible?

Now in its fourth year, Remember a Charity week will be running all this week to promote the amazing difference you can make to people’s lives by including a charity in your Will.  This is can be a sensitive and uncomfortable subject for some, and is often a task most of us tend to avoid until we really have to face it, yet a Will is one of the most important legal documents we will write in our lifetime.  Given much thought and consideration a Will can not only take care of your loved ones, but it can also make a positive difference to a cause you care deeply about and those affected by it.  Remembering a charity whilst writing your Will provides you with the opportunity to leave your own lasting legacy, which can help those most in need.

A wonderful example of how a legacy has helped to support more LGB people happened last year when Mr Levi left a legacy to The LGF.  In his Will, Mr Levi wanted his legacy to help improve the lives of young LGB people, which allowed us to fund counselling services for young LGB people in crisis in Mr Levi’s name.  The young people who have, and will benefit from Mr Levi’s act of kindness will be will be forever grateful, and their lives will have been significantly improved because of his legacy. 

If you would like to support The LGF you can by remembering us in your Will.  Like Mr Levi, you might want to improve the lives of young LGB people by leaving a legacy to fund more of our Safer Schools packs and in turn help to end homophobia within schools.  A legacy can also provide bursaries for all of our counselling services, ensuring those most in need can access the critical support they desperately need, regardless of their circumstances.  You may also want to support our sexual health campaigns and services for LGB people, or even support The LGF as an organisation in empowering people and ending homophobia through the vital work we undertake each year.

Leaving a legacy will cost you nothing, and is a ‘recession-proof’ way of ensuring LGB people are supported when you’re gone.  When writing your Will, and after helping your loved ones, play your part in helping The LGF to realise our belief of a fair and equal society, where all LGB people can achieve their full potential.  What an amazing legacy to leave.     

For more information on leaving a legacy to The LGF or any of the services we provide please call 0845 3 30 30 30 or email matt.harby@lgf.org.uk

Further information on Remember a Charity week can be found at: www.rememberacharity.org.uk