Latest HIV figures for North West England (2011)

Publish Date: 26/11/2012


There were a total of 789 new cases of people affected by the HIV virus that had not previously been seen prior to 2011 which is a 7% increase compared to 2010.

According to the Health protection Agency there were 53,161 estimated cases of HIV acquired through men having sex with men (MSM) by the end of 2011 ,which is  44% of all total diagnosis.

Although figures are high for infections reportedly acquired in the UK (76% of all new diagnoses reported by end of 2011 through men who have sex with men were most likely to have been infected in the UK, the overall proportion of new HIV diagnoses between men who have sex with men in the UK has decreased  from 58% in 2006 to 44% in 2011.

Although heterosexual cases now dominate new statistics the annual number of new cases acquired through men having sex with men has shown an 83% increase since 200 which illustrates a need to keep promoting awareness and testing services to gay and bisexual men.

The report HIV in the North West of England 2011 suggests tha the increase in diagnosis of HIV in MSM in the UK is largely down to a recent increase in HIV testing. Figures for late diagnoses amongst MSM (39%) are lower than heterosexual men or women.

Harry Mc Anulty is Sexual Health Programme Manager at The Lesbian & Gay Foundation:The figures from the HIV and AIDs report produced at John Moores show the stark increase in HIV transmission amongst men who have sex with men in North West.  Some alarming figures include the continuing high numbers of men continuing to present with AIDs.  It is so important that gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men test at least every 12 months or more frequently if you have had unsafe sex.  Late diagnosis amongst gay and bisexual men suggests that some men are not testing soon enough.  Knowing your HIV status allows you to manage HIV (if you receive a positive diagnosis) and receive the relevant treatment that stops the virus manifesting into AIDs.  Knowing your status allows you to be in control of your health.”

New HIV Cases in men who have sex with men -NW England (2011) All counties across North West England (apart from Merseyside) saw an increase  in the number of MSM infected between 2010-2011. The largest increase being in Cheshire (75%) while the greatest number of MSM cases remain in the Greater Manchester  region (210) largely due to the fact that Manchester has the largest gay community in the North West.In total there were  344  new cases of HIV reported in 2011

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