Kiss hate goodbye!

Publish Date: 18/04/2013

The LGF wil be hosting a ‘kissing’ Flashmob in Manchester City Centre on Saturday 18th May 1-2pm, so come and take part!

We’re also asking you to organise your own Flashmob, local to you, and we’ll send you a goody pack with everything you need to know. We want you to unite against hate, intolerance, inequality and injustice in society by creating an atmosphere in which couples can show their love and affection for one another in a positive and powerful way.

You don’t have to go for a full on snog, join us for hand holding, cheek pecking, hugging and any other (legal!) display of affection.

So get your lips lubed, your breath minty fresh and put this date in your diary!

Follow the Twitter hashtag #KissH8 to find out what’s happening, where exactly the Flashmob will be held, and send us in your pictures, videos and message of support.

Why not give depending on whether you decide to have a peck, snog or use tongues! We suggest £3 for a peck, £5 for a snog and £10 for a full-on tongue sandwich! Monies raised will support our work tackling homophobia and discrimination.

Your support is much appreciated and monies raised will go towards supporting our work to tackle homophobia and end discrimination.

For more information on Kiss Hate Goodbye visit; email and follow the Twitter hashtag #KissH8.