Kathy's Story

Publish Date: 19/12/2012


Kathy took part in a half martathon. Read her story here;

“After deciding to start eating more healthily, I’ve been losing weight for the last year.  My weight has now plateau-ed so I decided to sign up to a challenge to motivate me towards my goal in 2013!  I’ve got my beach holiday booked with friends this Summer, and I am adamant that I want to feel good in my bikini.

"I have always been a social smoker, and over the years, this has developed into a regular habit.  I’m hoping through regular running, this will give me the determination I need to reduce my smoking.  My ultimate aim is to give up completely. 

"After having negative experiences with homophobia at school, I am really passionate about The Lesbian & Gay Foundation’s Enough is Enough campaign.  I believe that the Safer Schools packs are a great way to reach teenagers, and educate them about the serious damage that homophobia can cause.

"I’ve never been sporty, so my friends and family were all really shocked when I told them I’d be running in a half-marathon this year.  I’m hoping their scepticism will lead to them digging deeper in their pockets to support me in running for this great and much-needed cause.  

"Luckily, a couple of my friends work as personal trainers, and they’re helping me make use of my gym membership.   So far, the longest run I’ve done is a 10k which I won’t deny was a struggle, but I made it in the end. 

"I can’t wait for the amazing sense of achievement which I know I will feel as soon as I cross that finish line…. I’ll be heading straight for a Big Mac shortly afterwards!”

If, like Kathy you need a boost in motivating you towards those New Year’s Resolutions – check out opportunities to run for The Lesbian & Gay Foundation here or contact Claire Baldwin at claire.baldwin@lgf.org.uk to discuss what you have in mind!