Karen Challenges Herself for The LGF

Publish Date: 12/09/2013

Karen Davies, 48, shares her story about taking on a challenge for The LGF

"I am originally from Wales and I am currently living in Lytham Lancs. I am a Detective with Lancashire Constabulary

"In December 2012 I had something of a breakdown which has been diagnosed as work related stress/trauma and as a result of this my long term relationship broke down. This led to an enforced period of time off work and huge changes in my personal life. Indeed it has led since to much soul searching.

"I have always run but over the past years due to pressure/stress this has fallen along the wayside. When my life kind of fell apart I started to run and just kept running everyday. At first it was a huge effort but I began to love my daily runs and benefited from the positive energy it generated. In a word running kept me sane and I want to continue to challenge myself and improve.

"I have always struggled hugely with my sexuality as an older gay woman I think there were less role models and women to identify with when I was younger. Indeed as part of my ongoing counselling its amazing how impactive the isolation and anxiety of my sexuality has been for me.

"Therefore the amazing work of the LGF in reaching out to people and acknowledging health issues both physical and mental is extremely important to me personally. Also it allows me to shout out to all my friends and work colleagues that I am in fact proud to be gay and raise awareness of the work of the LGF.

If, like Karen, you would like to take on a run or challenge in support of The LGF, visit lgbt.foundation/fundraise