Publish Date: 28/10/2013

We ‘mustache’ you a question: Will you help us raise funds to provide information for gay and bisexual men affected by Prostate Cancer and other Male Cancers?

Here at The Lesbian & Gay Foundation we are extremely aware of the need to talk about male cancers within our communities.

There are some fantastic initiatives that raise awareness and much needed funds to support all men affected by such issues, however, none are aimed exclusively at raising funds to provide information solely to gay and bisexual men.

We know that gay and bisexual men need as much information and support as they can get before, during and after the specialist health and social care support which all men are entitled too.

We want to make sure that initiatives that we raise funds for provide much needed information aimed at how issues such as Prostate Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Anal Cancer, Testicular Cancer and Male Breast Cancer affect gay and bisexual men.

Money raised from our campaign will go towards providing some unique literature for gay and bisexual men on the issue of Prostate health, cancer and other related issues. 

Get Involved!

Throughout the month of November 2013, the men of The Lesbian & Gay Foundation are growing their ‘HO-MOs’  in support of this cause and we’d love you to support us too by growing your own terrific tash!

If you are already handsomely hirsute why not start November fresh faced and begin the facial fur cultivation all over again?

Take Action Now!

HO-MOSupport male cancer awareness!