Hearing BME voices within the LGB&T community

Publish Date: 25/11/2012

We Exist Too! An event for black and minority ethnic lesbian, gay and bisexual people to speak up about the issues that affect them. Wednesday 28th November - 6.30pm at LGF, in partnership with Race Equality Foundation and EHRC.

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation are working with the Race Equaity Foundation to make sure that LGB&T black and minority individuals have the support they need, whether its about inclusivity, equality, legal protections or how to can make a change in our communities.

This event is an opportunity to talk about BME experiences as a member of the LGB&T community, and let the national and regional leadership of this community help further develop  visibility and involvement in activities.

What does the wider LGB&T community need to do differently?

There are some challenges.We need to educate, inform and overcome any lack of visibility and make sure people feel empowered to use their voice.

The black and minority ethnic LGB&T voice is notably absent on a range of issues. This affects visibility in all realms of public and community life, and can often lead to a cycle of despair on an individual level that includes health and wellbeing problems.

Support networks do exist across the country although it can be hard to access or be active in these networks for a variety of reasons.

Through your involvement and feedback we will develop resources that will make a positive difference, through informing, educating, challenging and promoting the needs and issues of LGB&T black and minority ethnic people.

Your involvement in "We Exist Too" will encourage organisations (across Faith,

community, health, education, government and public services) to listen to your

voice. Change can happen - if your voice and opinions are visible, represented and shared!

The focus for "We Exist Too" is to "hear your voice". Come to the free discussion workshop on Wednesday 28 November from 6.30pm at The Lesbian & Gay Foundation's Community Resource Centre,Number 5,Richmond St,Manchester,M1 3HF and talk about the issues that are important to you. 

If you cannot attend in person, or need to talk confidentially, please contact:

Farah at the Race Equality Foundation or Darren at The Lesbian & Gay Foundation.

For more information: farah@racefound.org.uk  OR  darren.knight@lgf.org.uk