Giles Runs a Marathon!

Publish Date: 18/10/2012

Here Giles talk about his marathon challenge:


“I ran the Jersey marathon 2 years ago and wanted to beat my time. I couldn't do it last year so I

decided to do it this year. Last time I didn't raise any money and ran just to prove myself I could

do it, but this time I thought I might add something else to the run!”


“I wanted to raise money for The LGF as I am a (gay) teacher in a secondary school and I see

how kids speak to each other and how they often bully each other, sometimes in a

homophobic way and sometimes not even realising what they're saying is hurtful. You see

everywhere (especially abroad) how "old-fashioned" or/and uneducated people are about

homosexuality and I wanted to raise awareness by raising money and also support your cause.”


“The training was good, tough at times. I actually damaged my Achilles tendons 2 weeks before

running and couldn't train until I got about 4 days before the race. I took it gently, put lots of ice,

took lots of ibuprofen and it worked!”


“Raising money was quite easy. The Just Giving website makes it so easier, especially when

people say they will sponsor you, have no cash on them so they just go online and donate.


“Ironically, I did raise more money by cash, especially after the race when people saw that I had

actually done it! I also wanted my colleagues at work (I only advertised it at school) to see that it

was a worthy cause and that homophobia in schools shouldn't be overlooked.”

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