Gay,Bisexual Men and Sexual Violence

Publish Date: 20/04/2012

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation have recently been funded by the Home Office to increase our support to gay and bisexual men who have been victims of abuse and sexual violence. This news has come at exactly the right time, as we have noticed the number of men coming to us for support around these issues continues to increase.

Male sexual violence is an issue that seems to be very much a taboo, yet it is estimated that 3 in 20 men have been affected by this issue. However low reporting means that it is likely to be many more. Organisations such as The Lesbian & Gay Foundation and Survivors Manchester are now working hard at trying to change this situation, by making specialist support available to the ever-increasing number of men who are choosing to seek it.

Sexual violence is a complex issue which impacts on the lives of victims in very different ways, and for many men, can be associated with a loss of control and power. By being able to give the men we support a choice in the service they receive and when they receive it,  this helps some of that power to be restored.  We are also helping gay and bisexual men to better understand the issue of sexual violence and shedding some light on the myths aroun dthis issue, through our new resource: ‘A guide for gay and bisexual men who have been affected by sexual violence.

This new guide will help gay and bisexual men to understand some of the common reactions get to grips with the reporting process and navigate the services that are out there to support them. By producing this user-friendly guide, we are hoping to reach out to some of the many men who we know are suffering in silence. We are not under the illusion that we will reach everyone, as it is important that victims seek help when the time is right for them, but we are hoping that from this guide and our new business card, that we will be here for them when they need us.

So if you are reading this and you would like some support, or if you are a professional who would  like to find out more, contact us on 0845 3 30 30 30 or email

We can offer free counselling to gay and bisexual men affected by sexual violence, rape and sexual abuse. 

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  • lucy

    Many thanks for your comment about the resource, I think you highlight a very important point here about bisexual men and the different perpetrators of sexual violence. Towards the beginning of the recourse, I outlined the different forms of sexual violence to try and make readers aware that it can include lots of different things and can be perpetrated by a male or female. One of the challenges I did find when writing this resource was trying to fit everything in as it’s such a complex subject matter that affects people in lots of different ways. I’m currently working on the website content and I’ll make sure I take your comments on board so that it speaks more clearly to bisexual men, I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to feel overlooked. Best wishes and thanks once again for your comments. Lucy Rolfe Wellbeing Manager

  • steve

    Hi; I would just like to point out that if the guide is aimed at gay and bisexual men then please include information/advice/examples about sexual violence that will be relevant to bisexual men - some of whom will have partners that will be female, and so therefore may be affected by sexual violence from their femal partner. Thanks for reading.