Feelings: A Poem

Publish Date: 01/07/2013

Cathryn, a trans girl, has written in to share her poem with us, and tell us a little bit about herself;

"A little about me, I am a Trans girl and have been as far back as I can remember. Married with children, there was a time when fear of being found out was all consuming. Now? My family know all about me and running away seems a distant past. Only last night, my daughter came round with 1 year old grand-daughter. There was me, make up on, new wig and ready to go out. My daughter said look at granddad all ready to go out. Inquisitive looks from a 1 year old and within  minutes, intrigued with my nails. My daughter says that Florence will know both grandad and Cathryn, who likes dresses and likes being a girl. Today my life seems very rich. I have a wife who accepts me, and despite fear I told all of our children and the main reaction to my secret was "What is that it"  Then things went quiet for a couple of days then questions as to why I've hidden for so long."



Close your eyes, Empty your mind

Would you see me now that you’re blind

Judge me not of what you may know

Listen and feel. Let your mind flow


To many assumptions are made by your eyes

Only seeing as deep as my outer disguise

My inner most feelings I have to repress

A torment inside me, a game of chess


I sound no different, The scent is of me

It’s only my spirit, it yearns to be free

Free to be me and live as I please

Never to be looked down on

Whilst sniggering with ease.


Try opening your eyes with an open mind,

Can you now see me? or are you still blind ?

Then Look no longer, don’t waste your sight

You will never see me, try as you might.


Cathryn Anne 30/05/1990 

  • cindy

    That really is a touching poem and reminds me of my life and the way people look at me thank you for sharing with us.