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Publish Date: 10/05/2012

Well from now, and every two weeks, you can!  We want you to have fantastic safer sex. And all we ask is for two minutes of your time.

‘LGF Quickies’ are short videos presented by Peter Boyle and Marc Robinson from The Lesbian & Gay Foundation. The aim is to give you important sexual health messages in a quick and entertaining way, and (hopefully!) for you to share them with your friends.

In the seventh episode of LGF Quickies, we head to Stockport! It's never been easier to look after your sexual health and get tested. The LGF offers free, friendly and safe clinical services every single week. Click play, and find out more.

In the sixth episode of LGF Quickies, Marc Robinson takes to the cobbled streets of Manchester's famous Canal Street and introduces the brand new LGF Safer Sex Packs for gay and bisexual men. These new packs, which are available now, still contain two condoms and two sachets of water based lube, but they also have all the information you need to know about why you should get tested, and where you can get tested.

In the fifth episode of LGF Quickies, our new presenter Marc Robinson braves a rainy Manchester Summer day and looks at HIV transmission in gay and bisexual men. How HIV is passed on, and how you can avoid it.

A quick quickie quiz!

Filmed on a rainy Summer day in Manchester (apologies for the sound quality), the fourth episode of LGF Quickies looks at the rising incidence of Syphilis and Gonorrhoea in gay and bisexual men. And what you can do to combat it.

In our third Quickie, Peter explains Post Exposure Prophylaxis (or PEP); a 4 week course of anti-HIV medication you can take if you think or know you’ve been exposed to HIV.

In the second LGF Quickie, Peter talks about knowing your HIV status - why you should and how you can.

In the first episode of LGF Quickies, Peter examines some of the reasons condoms might break, and what to do to ensure you get the best performance from your condoms and water-based lube. Take a look at the first episode below. But first a warning, this video contains exploding condoms!

Why not let us know what you’d like Peter to cover in future episodes? Do you have an itching, burning question about sex that you’ve always wanted to ask? Let Peter know. Drop him an e-mail at

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  • Gary

    Well done Peter. Great video. Hot totty (Ha-ha) AND important information ;-)