Equal Marriage: The Results are in

Publish Date: 06/02/2013

Debate in Parliament

From 12.45pm yesterday the bill was heatedly debated in parliament, MP Ruth Hunt commented “I have deep sympathy for my constituents who feel same-sex marriage undermines their faith”. Another supporter of the Bill MP David Lammy, in his moving speech said; “The time is now! Separate but equal was the motif that pushed Rosa parks to the back of the bus”.

Yet opposition was very vocal with commentators including Sir Gerald Howath saying there was already a provision with civil partnerships, commenting the “legislation affects the values of our society”. Many MP’s called for the vote to be delayed.

Yet the vote did go ahead at approximately 7pm last night, with MP’s having a free vote, meaning they are not told by their party which way to vote. The results saw a majority of 400 votes to 175. To see how your MP voted click here.

What does this mean?

This is just the first stage of the parliamentary process. Now the Bill will have to go through a few other stages including the Commons Committee, and then The House of Lords. It is likely it will face challenges in The House of Lords, but cannot be rejected completely.

If it becomes law, the bill will enable same-sex couples, who are currently able to engage in civil partnerships, to get married in both civil and religious ceremonies - the latter only with the consent of religious institutions.

The timeline for this process has yet to be announced.

What can you do?

This is a fantastic and historic moment, but a first step. There is still work to be done to rectify this inequality and ensure this becomes law.

  • Contact your MP – if they voted in favour thank them for their support, if not then ask them why. We need to keep the pressure on!
  • Join our campaign – find out more at lgbt.foundation/equal
  • Donate – we want to continue this campaign but need your support in order to do so! Text LOVE27 TO 70070 followed by the amount e.g. (LOVE27 £5) or donate online here.