Equal Marriage is a step closer

Publish Date: 25/01/2013


The Government today published The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2012 - 13.

The Bill will:

·         enable same-sex couples to marry in civil ceremonies; 

·         ensure those religious organisations that wish to do so can opt in to conduct marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples; and

·         protect those religious organisations that do not wish to marry same-sex couples from successful legal challenge

This is the first stage of this Bill’s journey through both Houses of Parliament this year, and it will be debated on 5th February. We will be regularly keeping you updated on its progress.

Full details of the bill can be found by clicking here

We are urging you to support what we believe is the most important civil rights issue affecting the lesbian, gay and bisexual community at this time.

Marriage is hugely important to millions of people across the globe and the right to marry the person you love should be a fundamental right for everyone.  Currently in England lesbian, gay and bisexual people do not have this right.

Over the next few months MP’s will be voting ‘with their conscience’ on whether to pass legislation enabling lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people to do so. It’s crucial they get messages in support of same-sex marriage.

At the moment MP’s are getting far more letters against equal marriage than for.  So we’re asking you to fight for equality and ensure that this historic legislation gets passed. We can’t do this alone – we need you to take action now!

Can you spare 2 minutes of your time to fight for equality?

Contact your MP and ask them to support same-sex marriage! With our pre-prepared email form it takes less than 2 minutes. You can be part of making history. lgbt.foundation/equal

  • Hannahlp88

    Everyone should be treated equal regardless of sexual preferences. Love is love!

  • Aoiffe

    Support same-sex marriage. Everyone has the right to be part of a marital family.

  • JennyG

    Support same-sex marriage. There is nothing more beautiful than love between two people who wish to commit themselves to one another.

  • Darren

    All human beings can empathise, if they really want to. Please imagine everyone around you having a story about the most special day in their lives, and imagine how you would feel to be denied your story, and your special day, by others who take their own rights to marry the people they love completely for granted. I know you can see the injustice. Love is love is love. Gender does not come into it. If you have the chance to make people happy, why on earth would you choose to do the opposite? Please support your LGBT constituents. Please support The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2012-13. Thank you. :-)

  • LindaPaterson

    Mr Heaton-Harris, I know you to be a decent and fair man. I also know that the concept of equal marriage rights for our gay brothers and sisters is a fraught one. But one day, we\\\'re going to wonder how on earth anyone could possibly have been denied the absolute right to marry the person they love. I hope that you will be as anxious to support this utterly reasonable request as I imagine you to be. Please support this legislation so that many of my dear friends and family can be accorded the same rights to happiness as I am fortunate enough to enjoy in my marriage. Thank you