Equal Love

Publish Date: 08/06/2012


It is now LESS than one week until the consultation for gay marriage ends and we’re really coming into the home stretch! You may feel we’ve been bombarding you with article after article but the next few days really are vital in rounding this consultation off well, in the hope that it really will make a difference.

Another campaign that has really dedicated a lot of time backing same-sex marriage rights is The ‘Equal Love’ Campaign. They have a legal team behind the campaign working hard to challenge any applications put forward by same sex couples that have been dismissed, saying that: “If the couples are turned away, as we expect they will be, we plan to take legal action. Denying them equal treatment is contrary to the Human Rights Act.”

A petition has also been put in place over the past year and has been backed by lots of Political figures such as Liberal Democrat Sir Graham Watson, Labours John Cruddas, and many more!

The Equal Loves main message is: “"We call on the government to end the twin bans on same-sex civil marriages and opposite-sex civil partnerships. In a democratic society, everyone should be equal before the law. This means opening up civil marriages and civil partnerships in register offices and other licensed premises to all couples, gay and heterosexual, without discrimination."

You really can tell just by visiting their website how enthusiastic and devoted the Equal love campaign is to promoting change. They offer you the opportunity to comment, subscribe, donate, keep up with the latest press coverage, watch videos and you can also order some very stylish Equal love t-shirts and hoodies!

What can you do?

Sign the petition so take the time to give it a visit and get involved at www.equallove.org.uk.

Take the government consultation click here.