Enough is Enough - Video Vote!

Publish Date: 19/03/2012

In October 2011, first year media students at The Manchester College were asked to create a 30 second video to promote the Enough is Enough - Action against Homophobia campaign as the campaign goes into its third year on International Day & against Homophobia and Transphobia on May 17th.

The Students have spent the last six months writing, researching and producing their own videos to highlight the importance of taking action against homophobia.  Now we want you to judge the best videos for the Enough is Enough-Action against Homophobia campaign!

Each of the students had to do a live pitch to a panel and the best ideas went into production and these are now going forward to a public vote. All the students who wrote, devised and filmed these short films are aged between 16-19 years old. There are 8 videos that have been shortlisted and the 2 videos that are voted the most popular will be used to promote the Enough is Enough campaign from 17th May throughout the next year.

Paul Martin LGF Chief Executive says:  “We are incredibly pleased with the standard of the student’s work and it will be hard to pick the winners which is why we want our supporters to pick the ones that they feel best represent the Enough is Enough  campaign. We are sure you will agree that they are all worthy contenders. The Manchester College student’s have shown their commitment to taking action against homophobia and we hope you will be inspired by their work to take action too.”

Vice Principal of The Manchester College, Teresa Farran comments:"The Manchester College is an inclusive college and we are committed to developing our learners academically, emotionally and socially. This was a great project for our students work on, giving them valuable experience working a live brief and teaching them to challenge ignorance in an innovative way. We're extremely proud of our students' work."

The student’s themselves have also welcomed the opportunity of discussing the issue of homophobia after being involved in the project.

One student said: “For students who haven’t associated with the subject it can be tricky and you want to make sure you don’t offend anyone…Looking back you can see that people’s attitudes have changed , so it wasn’t like we were making a project and never thinking about it again.

We will all remember this experience, not just because we made something that is really good, but because we have more knowledge about the subject too.”


You can view and vote for your favourite video at: http://facebook.com/lgfeie

Here you will see two buttons under one banner. One called ‘view the videos!’ And one called ‘Videos / VOTE!’


You can view all eight videos here first before heading to our Facebook page to vote by using the player below.