Coming Out...To My Nan

Publish Date: 03/10/2012


Chris Holliday on 'coming out' to his nan...

"Gaydio is quite a gay place to work. People hum Britney, girls ‘phwoar’ over Rihanna’s latest photo shoot - and ‘office Ian’ loves a good hoover. I’m quite open at work - what with being the breakfast show presenter on a gay radio station and everything - but you never really stop ‘coming out’.

Only recently I told my 90 year old Nan that I’m in love with a boy. I’m really close to my Nan and I’ve always wanted her to know how happy I am. I was nervous. She offered me a slice of strawberry cheesecake and told me it was fine. She said she’d guessed sometime ago (I knew the hot pants at Christmas were a giveaway) - that it didn’t matter, that it didn’t change who I was - that it didn’t change our relationship.

She wrote down my boyfriend’s name so that she wouldn’t forget it and -two days later - she phoned me to tell me that she’d love to meet him. I cried. It was such a relief to be able to share everything with her.

It’s not easy coming out - which is why it’s always nice to hear from someone about how the station has helped them come to terms with who they are, how it’s given them the strength to tell the people around them about their life.

When I was fourteen I’d never have thought that I’d be openly gay, let alone broadcasting it for the world to hear.

But I am. And soon my Nan will meet my boyfriend - and I will probably cry. With relief - but above all with happiness. And there’ll be cheesecake. Strawberry cheesecake."

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