Come Out, Come Out

Publish Date: 25/09/2012


To celebrate Coming Out Day The Lesbian & Gay Foundation will be providing 24 hour support from midnight on the 10th October to midnight on the 11th October, for those who are questioning, thinking of coming out, or for those who are out and proud and need to talk. Our helpline number is  08453 30 30 30 or email

A pink closet will also be travelling around 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester to show support for people coming out and for LGBT people. Watch this space for more details and dates!

The latest issue of ONW is packed full of features, info and articles on coming out, whether that is coming out about your sexuality, HIV status, gender identity or for straight people to come out and support LGBT people.

The LGF Have put together some Do’s and Don’ts to look through if you are in the process of, or thinking about coming out.


·         Start by telling someone you really trust, and who you know will be supportive. It helps to have someone to support you through the process.

·         Test the water first – perhaps start a conversation about sexuality with someone you’re thinking of telling to gauge their reaction.

·         Get support. We’re here if you need us through our helpline, email or face to face. Call us, send us an email or come in and see us  

·         Make sure you set aside plenty of time when you won’t be disturbed, people may have lots of questions so give them the space to ask them.

·         Prepare for a variety of reactions, both positive and negative. Sometimes people can react differently if they’re shocked or surprised – give them time to let the news sink in. Just because they react negatively now, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll never come around.

·         Reminding people that you are still the same person they have always known and loved, be proud of who you are!

·         Remember that coming out is a lifelong process – there may be situations where you feel the desire or need to be open about your sexual orientation, the more you do it, the more confident you’ll feel each time.


·         Tell someone as they’re rushing out to work, over Christmas dinner or when you’ve had a few too many. It’s better to sit down somewhere quiet and have a proper conversation with them.

·         Take negative reactions to heart. OK, so this is easier said than done, but sometimes it takes people a bit of time for the news to sink in and remember there are loads of people out there who will love you for who you are.

·         Go it alone, there’s loads of help out there and every situation can be supported.

·         Rush into it – it’s better to feel confident in yourself and prepared before you tell people rather than do it on the spur of the moment.

·         Feel  you have to come out if someone asks or ‘outs’ you. Remember, it’s you who is in control, if you’re not ready, then don’t feel pushed into it.

·         Replace all of your old friends with new ones – coming out is a exciting time and the chances are, you’ll meet loads of new people, but don’t forget about the friends who have stood by you.

For any more information on coming out please have a look at our support guide here –

Or call our helpline on 08453 30 30 30;