Championing your Community

Publish Date: 08/01/2013


How LGB people can get involved in public life

Have you ever felt that you wanted to represent your community in something that you are interested in but never thought you could do it, or didn’t know how to get involved? If so then The Lesbian & Gay Foundation would like to hear from you.

Often the issues that directly affect the lesbian, gay and bisexual community may go unheard or un-addressed, unless there is an active voice around the table that is championing the needs of our community.

That’s why The Lesbian & Gay Foundation would like to encourage more lesbian, gay and bisexual people to represent themselves and the things that matter to them in all areas of public life. Areas where we are underrepresented, such as in schools, workplaces, housing, policing, politics, healthcare, infact anywhere where our voices need to be heard and lesbian, gay and bisexual people need to be supported.

Community Champions can share knowledge and information and play a role in making a positive change; through either volunteering time, expertise or just lending a helping hand.

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation is committed to equipping you with the tools, information, assistance and guidance on how to support the needs of your community.

We had such n overwhelming response to our ‘We Exist’ guide to getting involved in public life that we are hosting a special event on the evening of Thursday 24th January at LGF’s Community Resource Centre to share some of the ways in which lesbian, gay and bisexual people can have our voices heard and affect change in our local communities.

LGB Community Champions

Want to know more?

Come along to this free informal  event. Make suggestions of how you would like to get involved in your community and The Lesbian & Gay Foundation (and other partner agencies) can identify what we can do in order to support you to make a difference in your communities,whenever,wherever and however you want.

To attend this free event email: or Tel: 0845 3 30 30 30

Thursday 24th January

6.30 -8.30pm

LGF, Number 5, Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3HF

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