Chair of GPs champions excellence in lesbian, gay & bisexual healthcare

Publish Date: 15/02/2012

The Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners Dr Clare Gerada MBE has backed Pride in Practice – a new patient standard for excellence in lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) healthcare from NHS North West & The Lesbian & Gay Foundation.

Dr Gerada speaking at the Pride in Practice launch said she “was disappointed to read that 1 in 10 LGB&T individuals have avoided using public services for fear of homophobia.”

She welcomed the Pride in Practice benchmarking toolkit as a way to challenge these health inequalities faced by lesbian, gay and bisexual patients.

Dr Gerada said: “The Pride in Practice toolkit is music to my ears. It’s so important that we raise awareness of lesbian, gay and bisexual issues and debunk myths.  It’s well written, full of useful information and simple and important messages, especially around lesbian and bisexual women’s risk of cervical cancer.”

Dr Gerada referenced her experience of working with lesbian, gay and bisexual communities, she currently works as a GP in Vauxhall; which has the largest gay community in London outside of Soho, and she also drew attention to the existence of homophobia and biphobia within healthcare.

“There has been great change, but still younger GPs worry about asking people about their sexual orientation.”

“We must work together to address homophobia and biphobia in general practices as part of the journey to make healthcare better, for those patients who at the moment are not receiving optimum care.”

“There’s a long way to go, but I’m optimistic for the future and Pride in Practice is a fantastic start. I’m committed to taking excellence in LGB healthcare forward and keeping it on the agenda.”

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  • enrique

    I am moving to the UK and seeking a GP who has a large LGBT practice and understands the Queer community