Can you be a Befriender?

Publish Date: 11/07/2012


Could you become a befriender?

We are currently looking for volunteer befrienders who can support and mentor isolated lesbian, bisexual, gay and trans people in the Greater Manchester area.  The service is designed to provide a safe environment to people who are suffering from low confidence and who could benefit from having one to one support. 

Being a volunteer befriender can be enjoyable, challenging, educational, inspirational and many more things.  You’ll get to meet, and support people when they may be experiencing challenges and changes in their lives, and hopefully get to experience how your support has helped that person on their way to achieve better things.  By being a regular point of contact in that person’s life, you will potentially be a much needed support, especially if that person is feeling isolated.

Full training and expenses will be given, and we also provide money for befriending sessions, such as tickets for a play, entrance to a museum, or just even a cup of tea and a cake!  We also offer regular supervision with volunteers, so if you have any issues or comments about your befriending experience, you can do so in a supportive and confidential environment.  Social events for volunteers are a bonus too, so you can meet other volunteers, staff and strike up friendships yourself!

For more information, please or phone 0845 3 30 30 30, she’ll pass on an application form to you, and also let you know about a special Befriending Recruitment Night in September.