Businesses pledge their love for Manchester’s Gay Village on Valentine’s Day

Publish Date: 12/02/2013


We Love Our Village

Businesses in Manchester’s Gay Village will come together this Valentines Day, Thursday 14 February, to sign a charter that looks to prevent negative behaviour and incidents within Canal Street and its surrounding areas, and further its improvement.

All members of the Village Business Association (V.B.A) will sign the ‘We Love Our Village’ document, aptly on Valentine’s Day, to address the issues such as drug usage, violence and hate crimes in the area, to further improve the conditions of Manchester’s Gay Village.

The sharing of potentially important CCTV footage; the responsible sales of alcohol; demonstrating transparency when fundraising for events such as Manchester Pride; and publicly displaying copies of the charter across venues also form part of the pledge.

A Safe Place for Everyone

Andrew Stokes, chair of the Village Business Association, said: “The VBA work together to ensure that Manchester’s Gay Village is a safe and enjoyable place for its businesses, staff and visitors alike. As such, we are delighted to cement our aims further through the ‘We Love Our Village’ document – a signed charter that will be on display in all VBA businesses to demonstrate our commitment to the village and those who are a part of it.

“Manchester’s Gay Village plays an important role in our LGBT community, and so it is essential that the businesses within it continue working together to combat any instances of homophobia, violence and other forms of anti-social behaviour. The VBA has been working with community organisations such as the Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF), Manchester City Council (MCC), the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and CityCo – and we hope this charter will cement how far we have all come together in making the Gay Village a safe place, and improve it even further.”

VBA venues will be celebrating the signing of this charter on Thursday, 14 February in numerous ways – and will have the charter on clear public display on their premises.