Bury Youth say NO to Homophobia!

Publish Date: 16/07/2012

The Walking Rainbow: a walk through Bury Town Centre promoting equality, celebrating diversity and saying “no” to homophobia took place on Sunday 15th July. The event was organised by local LGBT Youth Group ‘POG’.

This was the first event of its kind ever to take place in the town and was supported by the local council. The Mayor of Bury Joan Grimshaw launched the event and spoke of the importance of challenging homophobia and prejudice.

The young people of the POG group made their own rainbow flags, banners and invited the people of the town to take part in the rainbow procession as it weaved its way through Bury on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

There were many representatives taking part from  LGB&T groups and organisations around the region including LGBT Youth Northwest and all agreed that the event was a huge success that should be a regular fixture on the LGB&T calendar and also firmly placed in the schedule to be part of the town’s annual highlights.

Among those following the event were GMP Bury East who tweeted ‘Great event organised by the young people of Bury! Made us proud’

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation were also in attendance to support the event and handing out T-shirts for the Enough is Enough campaign to take ACTION against homophobia.

Thomas, one of the Lesbian & Gay Foundation’s volunteers was there proudly waving a rainbow flag, he said of the event commented “We must show that we won't stand for homophobia in any form. Good on the youngsters for organizing this event.”

Gary from long running gay men’s support group Icebreakers added: “It was a great turn out. Big respect for POG and the youngsters of Bury for getting this organised”.

National Street Choirs Festival were in Bury over the weekend and some of the choirs were on the walk agianst homophobia including Sheffield’s LGBT choir ‘Out Aloud’.

To see pictures from the event please go here

To can find out more about Bury’s LGBT youth group contact: h.walton@bury.gov.uk