Boys who like boys: A survey of understanding about sex

Publish Date: 23/05/2014

NAT (National AIDS Trust) have launched a nation-wide survey of young gay, bisexual men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) about where and how they learn about sex, relationships and HIV and whether the information and support they receive is helpful.

HIV diagnoses among young gay and bisexual men have more than doubled in 10 years and rates of HIV transmission among gay and bisexual men remain constant, with no evidence of decline.

There is now more opportunity for gay and bisexual men to meet sexual partners and form relationships; however this is not being matched with increased provision of information and support around relationships, safer sex, HIV and their general health and well-being.

This survey will examine 4 broad questions:

·         Where and how do young gay and bisexual men source information advice or support about sexuality, sex and relationships, safer sex, and HIV?

·         How do young gay and bisexual men feel about these sources of information, advice or support?

·         What extra information and support do young gay and bisexual men want and in what way would they like it?

·         What do young gay and bisexual men know about safer sex and HIV?

These results will be used to inform specific recommendations, to help improve access to useful information, advice or support which helps young gay and bisexual men to maintain their health and well being. 

To be eligible to take part, you must be attracted to men, identify as male (including trans female to male) and be aged between 14 and 19. By completing the survey you will also get the chance to enter a draw for £75 worth of Amazon vouchers. The survey is open for at least 6 weeks and you can take part NOW!