Bolton strikes GOLD

Publish Date: 21/03/2014

The Dunstan Partnership has achieved the prestigious Pride in Practice GOLD award, the first in Bolton. 

Pride in Practice is a quality assurance support service provided by The Lesbian & Gay Foundation  to GP practices to support improvements in health outcomes for their lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) patients, as well as strengthen their engagement with, and understanding of LGB people.

"It is easy to believe you’re doing everything right by treating everyone the same, when everyone isn’t the same. There are some very simple things like making sure we say ‘partner’ instead of ‘husband and wife’, means not leaving it up to a patient to correct an assumption, instead not making assumptions.”Vera Bourn Practice Manager.

“Trust in the consultation room, between a patient and doctor is vital to a person’s health. If people don’t feel they can be open about who they fall in love with, then what else might patients not feel comfortable in discussing? I need to ensure that I give the right information to patients, and I can only do that when all patients feel comfortable to be honest with me.” Dr Steven Whittaker GP.

“I am very proud to have presented the award to the Dunstan Partnership, they were already a very inclusive GP Practice and that needs publically celebrating! Working through the self-assessment meant that all staff have had a chance to reflect on their own understanding, and strive for excellence. It is clear that every patient matters.”Kathy McGuirk Pride in Practice Manager.


  • Steve

    The Dunstan Partnership is an exemplary practice in every aspect of care, undersanding expertise and professionalism. As a patient of the practice I cannot speak highly enough about the Doctors Nurses and Administration staff. The Dunstan Partnership has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, all members of staff meet and greet you with a friendly smile, nothing is too much for them in regards to your personal care. I am pleased that I recommended Pride in Practice to them, there achivement of the Gold Standard award and being the first GP practice in Bolton to receive the award is a wonderful achievement. This demonstrates their understanding of patient needs, care, there dedication and drive for high standards of care and support.