Being Gay, Being Bi, Whatever

Publish Date: 05/09/2012


Liverpool author Ian Bradley Marshall has dared to lift the covers, step out of the closet and write a new gay anthology that he is about to share with the world.

The work entitled ‘Being Gay, Being Bi,Whatever’ is a collection of poetry and prose  from a gay and bisexual point of view as told in his previous works "Idle Thoughts" and "Meanderings", as well as being a celebration of  gay and bisexual heritage and accomplishments.

This new work also aims to inspire those individuals who, for whatever reason, feel that they have to keep their sexual orientation concealed.

Andrew Gilliver, The Lesbian & Gay Foundation’s Campaigns & Engagement Manager was asked to write a Foreward for the upcoming book:

“In this new anthology Ian Bradley Marshall has brought together many of the issues that lesbian, gay and bisexual people face on a daily basis and set these against a historical perspective that illustrates how intolerance around a person’s sexual orientation can lead to disaster for any society. The work also serves to reassure those who may be struggling with their sexual identity that the most important thing that any of us can be in our life is to be true to ourselves.”

 In 2012, after speaking at the invitation of the Lesbian & Gay Foundation on the subject of the LGBT community and the Holocaust, Ian decided to not just republish his poems about the holocaust, but to publish all of those parts of his previous anthologies as a proud, gay anthology and to do so as an openly gay writer, adding to this work new pieces too.

The dream being that one day the question of gender and sexuality will one day be irrelevant. Until that day the team working with Ian on his new anthology have devised a pledge system to make the book available.  

You can read more about ‘Being Gay, Being Bi Whatever’ and acquire your own copy here: