Being Gay Being Bi Whatever

Publish Date: 18/06/2013

Being Gay Being Bi Whatever

In his new anthology, Being Gay Being Bi Whatever, Liverpool Author Ian Bradley Marshall brings together many of the issues that lesbian, gay and bisexual people face on a daily basis.

He sets these against a historical perspective that shows that intolerance around a person's sexual orientation is something that will always lead to disaster for any society.

Ian comments “I know that just trying to be yourself is the most important thing you can be in your life, however uncomfortable that makes other people. You have to be comfortable with yourself first and foremost. We know what it's like to be different and we have to use our life experiences to help others, including those people that just don't understand that we were made to be gay or bi or whatever."

The book is dedicated to the memory of Michael Causer and to the furtherance of the work of the Foundation in his name.

The book is available through Blurb Book Store or  checkout the dedicated facebook page.However we have 10 copies direct from the author to give away NOW!


Ian has kindly donated ten books to The Lesbian & Gay Foundation free of charge.  Each book is valued at £10 and for each gift, the author will give £2 to the Michael Causer Foundation to whom the book is formally dedicated.

To win a copy of the print edition of BEING GAY BEING BI WHATEVER all you have to do is tell us what you like about the book's title (in less than 100 words) please provide your name and address too! 

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  • Mark

    Love the inclusivity of the title, but most importantly it is about BEING. The struggle of being who we are. Most are unaware of what a struggle it can be for us. Yet being is about life, about how we live our life. Implied in the struggle is the insight that for many, being is pretending to be someone else to fit in. That is not truly being!