BBC Publishes Two Year Review into Portrayal of LGB People

Publish Date: 19/12/2012


The BBC research showed that the majority of straight auiendences are comfortable with the depiction of LGB people, it also showed that many LGB people themselves feel they are still under-represented by all UK broadcasters, not just the BBC. The research also concluded that lesbians and bisexuals are still 'invisible' in the UK's media

The independently run panel, Pulse, urged for more mainstream inclusion in news and current affairs, and more creative and realistic depictions in factual and drama television. The panel will now be used to track all the audences’ views on this over time, to help program makers understand and meet their new expectations.

The poll surveyed around 3,500 people on the Pulse panel, which included more than 500 people who identified themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual, as well as The Lesbian & Gay Foundation, Stonewall and Equility. The BBC has made a commitment to re-run the surey in a years time, and aims to track future change.

Grahame Robertson, Information & Resources Manager at The LGF took part in the research and commented ;

“Broadcast output is something that is shared with family and friends – more of a social experience. It could be reaching a family with a LGB child, provoke discussion or help someone to communicate because they’ve got that hook.It can’t be underestimated the power of something as simple as portraying LGB people as someone you might bump into and has the same issues and same problems as you.”

This research, along with the updated review, can be accessed here: