Are you Part of the Picture?

Publish Date: 02/08/2012


We have just release the findings from the first three years of the national Part of the Picture survey which aims to take a snapshot look at alcohol and drug use within the LGB community of England over a 5 year period.

Part of the Picture is the largest study of its kind and was conceived in response to the extremely limited and often of poor quality information relating to substance abuse amongst lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

Did you know? Key finding include;

  • Across all age groups LGB people are much more likely to use drugs compared to the general population. With over 35% of respondents having admitted to taking at least one substance (excluding alcohol) in the past month.
  • Binge drinking is high across all genders, sexual orientations and age groups, with 34% of males and 29% females reporting binge drinking at least once or twice a week.
  • Over one fifth of LGB people showed as being dependant on a substance and a further quarter showed at least one indicator of dependency.

The report also highlighted that significant barriers still exist for LGB people when seeking information, advice or help.

Almost a third of respondents had sought information, advice or help about their substance use.  The reasons given for not having sought information, advice or help indicate that LGB people are experiencing barriers both in relation to recognising a potential substance use problem which needs attention, and in accessing services where they feel comfortable and confident in the services provided.

These finding are part of a 5 year study. If you would like to take part click here.

To read the newly launched Part of the Picture 2009-11 report please download the PDF here.

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