Are You Out4marriage?

Publish Date: 08/06/2012


The Government consultation to allow same-sex couples to marry throughout England and Wales closes on 14 June. 

The consultation has drawn upon much media attention over the past weeks as colum inches of national newspapers have been filled with the ever changing opinions of government and religious figures.

Many organisations have set up their own campaign to kick start the consultation and give it the boost it needs to gain recognition and promote change.

These include ‘out4marrige’, which was conceived by founder Benjamin Cohen and Mike Buonaiuto, the director of the Coalition for Equal Marriage viral video.

So what has been done so far?

Over the recent weeks, videos from high profile UK politicians from all political parties such as Home sectary Theresa May and global A-list celebrities have been published online. Each video allows the politician or celebrity to explain why they're "coming out for marriage" and asks viewers to join them too. Although launched in the UK It is hoped the campaign will spread globally to ensure gay couples around the world have the same rights to marry as straight couples.

The vast list of Politicians and celebrities who have produced YouTube videos, showing support and encouraging gay couples the right to marry include; Labour’s Ed Balls, Health ecretary Andy Burnham, Former Cabinet Minister Jack straw and many more. Celebrities Sinitta and Paloma faith have also joined in on the action. Singer Paloma faith said in her video:" I am really proud to be backing the ‘out4marrige’ campaign. Whatever you are you should have the right to get married. Everyone deserves to be equal”.

Show your support for LGB&T people's right to marry! Visit the out4marriage Facebook  page, upload your own Youtube video and send it to