Anti Bullying Week 2013

Publish Date: 23/10/2013

During Anti-Bullying Week (18th -22nd November) innovative programme Exceeding Expectations will be touring Salford Schools in order to tackle homophobia in the classroom.

Exceeding Expectations is a multi-agency partnership with Salford City Council, Manchester Healthy Schools, The Lesbian & Gay Foundation and Hope Theatre Company. 

The award winning initiative aims to support schools in tackling homophobic language and bullying. It involves a performance by Hope Theatre Company, training for school staff, a comprehensive schools pack, support in developing an anti-bullying policy, in-school peer support groups and individual school evaluation reports.

The programme will be touring Manchester and Salford schools, visiting The Albion (18th), The Canterbury Centre (20th), Oasis Academy (20th) Wentworth High School (21st) and Irlam and Cadishead College (22nd). 
In addition to the Exceeding Expectations tour, we're calling on people to support our work and donate towards a 'Safer Schools Pack' this Anti-Bullying week. The packs are filled with resources, lesson plans, a PowerPoint , DVD and support for teachers. They are aimed to be used by education professionals in schools and colleges to help tackle the issue.

Research carried out by Exceeding Expectations in 2012 on young people’s responses in Salford schools found that;

95% of pupils hear the word 'gay' used as an insult or to describe something people don't like
Over half (54%) witnessed homophobic bullying in schools
53% ignored homophobic bullying, but after seeing the play 100% of pupils would do something if they experienced or witnessed homophobic bullying

Annie Emery, Head of Services for The Lesbian & Gay Foundation comments;“These statistics are shocking and show that significant work is needed to tackle homophobia in schools. Every young person has a right to be educated in an environment free from bullying and fear, giving them the chance to succeed and be themselves.”

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