Anti-Bullying Month: Joe's Story

Publish Date: 14/11/2012


This month The LGF has been focusing on tackling homophobia in schools though our Exceeding Expectations programme in Manchester and Salford and calling for people to support a school of their choice by donating a Safer Schools Packs.

Joe is just one of the people who has been part of the Enough is Enough! campaign which encourages people to take action against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. He took action  against homophobic bullying in his school. Read his story here:

“I’d been bullied for some time, and I wanted to make people realise that just making a stupid passing comment can have a serious effect.”

Joe, with our support, spoke at his school about what it means to be gay and the lasting impact homophobic bullying and language can have.

“I expected a lot of laughter and whispering, but thankfully, none came! Everyone has supported me the whole way through, and are proud of me. By having somebody their own age speaking to them, they take in the message a lot more.”

Joe is still part of our Enough is Enough! campaign and went onto to be a Northants County Council Young Leader. Earlier this year he won an ‘Anne Frank’ award, a scheme which recognises the work of inspirational people who make a difference to their community.

With your support we can continue our campaigns like Enough is Enough! and empower people like Joe.

To donate a Safer Schools Pack to a school of your choice click here

To sign up to the Enough is Enough! Action against homophobia campaign click here