An open letter to my MP

Publish Date: 04/02/2013

Here Erica shares her amusing open letter to Nuneaton MP Marcus Jones about her wish for equal marriage.

It’s me, Erica. I’ve written to you a couple of times before about abortion and rape and that but I’m writing to you again now because I see that the bill for same-sex marriage has just been published.

I noticed that you’ve already made your opposition to this known so I thought I’d send you a little email to try and change your mind.

erica kitty

Ahem. Me and April have been together for 10 wonderful years. She’s a hilarious, delicious and dreamy human being and I can’t imagine life without her. I mean, just look how cute she is!

(ignore the kitten – it’s not about the kitten right now)

erica adorable

Anyhoo, as a couple, we’re just adorable. Seriously, if you knew us you’d want to just squash us so hard. All of our friends are sickened by how much in love we are. Look at us being fun together. Look!

erica happy us

We got civil partnershipped (doesn’t roll off the tongue does it?) in 2008 and it was ever such a lovely day! Look how happy we are!

erica even happier

And then just imagine how happy we’d be with a full on marriage!

I do find it difficult to comprehend that someone would actually make a conscious decision to deny us gays the same rights as the straights. We’re just people in relationships, living our lives...

erica skydiving

...going skydiving

erica family scraps

...having family scraps

erica snow kitty

...making snow kittens

erica bird legs

having bird legs

and just generally minding our business.

So come on, vote in support of the bill and make this picture even more awesome than it already is...

erica just married

  • miranda

    Briliant. I hope he had a look.