Amanda's Marathon Story

Publish Date: 30/01/2013


Amanda is raising money for The LGF this year by running for The London Marathon on 21st April 2013. Why not take on a challenge of your own?

“I am a lesbian single parent who lives in North London with my 2 teenage children and almost teenage cat (aged 11 1/2). There are currently far too many hormones in our home!

“I work for Tesco and joined a very long time ago as a Graduate Trainee in stores. Unbelievably I have recently completed 28 years’ service!Currently I work as part of the Space, Range and Merchandising team at Head Office in Hertfordshire.

“I have a second role which is running the “Out at Tesco” support network for our LGBT colleagues. I've been a member of the network since it started in 2009. I started out in charge of fundraising and have worked my way up to Co-Chair. We now have over 900 members across all areas of the business and in most of the 14 countries we operate in.

“It must be something to do with my age, but recently I have decided to set myself an annual fundraising challenge. These have included trekking the Inca Trail in Peru and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. In a moment of complete madness I thought that I’d set the bar higher for 2013 – so I’m taking part in the London Marathon 2013! I’m not exactly a spring chicken or the fittest that I have ever been so this is a HUGE challenge for me.

“ I wanted to support an LGB charity as I consider that I've been really lucky during my life and career, and have mostly been treated with respect and not experienced homophobia. However I know that many other people have not been so lucky and it’s for them that I’m doing this.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say the training was really tough! The furthest I’ve ever run before is 10k, so I’ve got quite a lot of miles to build up to before next April!

“I plan to bake cakes, sell doughnuts and hold the odd car boot sale to reach my target. LGF’s support has been brilliant so far, from sending me a beginners training guide to a fundraising pack full of great ideas.  

You can support Amanda by donating here.

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